Classes (classes currently being held online)

Acting For Beginners                             

Ages 5-6.  Students will learn the basics of acting and develop how to become comfortable with following direction and speaking in front of others. Participants will practice elements of Improvisation and team work. Course ends with a presentation for friends and family. No previous acting training required.

Acting Basics For Minors      
Ages 7-10. Beginner actors are able to gain confidence and learn team work while learning beginner acting skills. Course teaches the connection between text and performance which result in numerous presentations in front of the group. Participants learn how to develop characters and be in tune with their emotions.  No previous acting training required.

Fairytales And Superheroes
Ages 6-8. Participants will engage in fun drama activities teach how to be comfortable performing. Course consists of participants choosing their favorite characters and working on Improvisation and Scene Study. Participants will work on creating their own superheroes. Course ends with a short play created by students. No previous acting training required.

Improv For Teens
Ages 13-17. No previous acting training required.

Monologue Intensive For Teens
Ages 13-17.  No previous acting training required.

Scene Study
Ages 8-12. Ages 13-17.No previous acting training required.

Acting Games And Exercises
Ages 9-12.  No previous acting training required.

Spoken Word for Teens
Ages 13-17 .  No prior performance or writing experience needed. 



Confidence Through Improv Workshop

Ages 7-10.  During this one day workshop, participants will engage in activities that teach the art of Improvisation. Participants will begin with a group warm up activity. The workshop will then continue with numerous activities such as engaging with props and creating characters on the spot. Participants are encouraged to use their imagination and express lots of personality. Workshop will end with a presentation of skills learned in groups of two or three.


Imagination & Creativity Workshop

Ages 8-11. During this one day workshop, participants engage in a series of acting exercise that encourage quick thinking. Participants also develop teamwork skills and develop techniques that will help them "think outside the box". Workshop will consist of numerous group activities.


  • Workshops/classes are currently held virtually.  Please visit the Register Now page to sign up for current classes. 

  • Refund Policy: There are no refunds if unable to attend. Credit is given towards another class/workshop on any date of choice. Participants also have the option of a one on one lesson if unable to attend class on a given day.